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Provide multi-language and multi-channel customer service for the world's top 500 Internet companies


Background of the project

The Internet company expanded the Southeast Asian market in 2016 and employed foreign language personnel locally to provide customer service; due to cultural and language issues, the service satisfaction has been below 80% and cannot be broken through;

Chengbo Company has reached an outsourcing service cooperation with the company. The team formation is completed within the first month, and the official operation begins in the next month. The satisfaction data has remained above 90% for 5 months .


Operational Analysis

Quality inspection: Quality inspection is carried out on the feedback information of users with negative reviews, and the questions that cannot be answered by customer service are refined and sorted out;

Analysis of environmental problems: the problem of overseas gateway cannot be downloaded;

Customer service problem analysis: Unfamiliar with the local culture, the answer is irrelevant.



Chengbo Indonesia Branch established a special project team for special supply, and allocated senior Indonesian project managers to lead them to train local culture and quality inspection expertise, and solve customer service communication barriers;

Through multi-party coordination, the communication departments of China and India will be promoted to complete the network configuration.


Customer benefits

Satisfaction increased by 15%

5% increase in connection rate

One-time solution increased by 8%

Working hours utilization increased by 12%

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