Content Moderation

Provided content review service for a large online live broadcast platform in Indonesia

Background of the project

This platform integrates multiple functions such as games, social networking, and voice rooms. It is a cooperation project generated to ensure that customers' text, voice and other instant communication channels on the platform comply with local legal requirements.

Due to our excellent domestic audit results, the reproducibility of standardized processes, and our international vision and operational experience in Brazil, Shuangyin and other places, we give customers great confidence to cooperate closely with our company in many places. This project Has been working together for more than 2 years.

Service Content

Tailor-made one-stop solutions for BPO services for customers, including the provision of Chinese management teams, localized operations in different countries, professional and efficient response to customers' urgent business needs, and successful completion of project SLA assessment standards. And formulate self-assessment standards in three dimensions: the management mechanism for continuous optimization of the process, strict and unified service standards, and a compliant and safe monitoring system to ensure delivery efficiency and quality.

Customer benefits

The audit completion rate is over 97%

The audit accuracy rate exceeds 95%

Customer satisfaction over 95%

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