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Project introduction: It has carried out all-round strategic cooperation with the world's top 100 communication operators for 16 years, and has become the only designated operator of the self-control other operation project for 6 consecutive years.

Customer demand: Provide one-stop service platform operation services for over 30 million customers in 21 prefectures and cities in the province.


High load:

• Completed the construction of a team of more than 800 people in three different venues. • During the Guangzhou Asian Games, successfully completed the transition of
the new NGCC system in the whole center
20% increase in personnel call reception efficiency • Maintained "0" loss of core management team for 9 consecutive years High value-added:

• Active marketing business volume increased by 25% year-on-year

Project introduction: Provide overseas full business outsourcing services for an Internet brand

Customer needs: Provide customers with full outsourcing services for multiple positions overseas within 0 days, complete the establishment of operation sites, and the formation of content review teams with more than 100 people and pre-job training to ensure smooth business operations.


Quick response:
• Quickly set up a project team within 12 hours
• 24 hours dispatched overseas for 7 days of research
• 36 hours spread out 6 major channels covering recruitment, leasing and other resources
Resource advantages:
• Multi-channel integration, optimal operation site, site cost is lower than customers Self-operated decreased by 37%;
• Called industry resources, recruited more than 100 people within 15 days;
• Systematized project components, and the establishment period was 24 days earlier than customer requirements.
Efficient operation
• Improved operation quality, with per capita business processing volume of 800 pieces/day, monthly average business volume exceeding 100,000 pieces, and KPI achievement rate of 118%;
• Domestic and foreign operation teams responded in a timely manner, business changes were seamlessly connected 24 hours a day, and business response 100% accuracy;
• Real-time reporting of operational data to monitor business conditions at any time.
       The operation team has rich overseas business experience and sufficient personnel reserves. It is equipped with professional business consultants, comprehensively analyzes customer needs, selects and allocates high-quality resources, develops standardized models to provide personalized services, meets customer requirements, improves customer satisfaction, and successfully guarantees the smoothness of customer business. landing.

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