Review any content generated by users on your platform, filter violent and terrorist, politically sensitive, vulgar content, illegal and prohibited information, ensure the safety of enterprise content output, and prevent and control the risk of violations.


Professional operation to avoid risks:The number of misplaced cases per capita is lower than the industry standard level (0.05%)

Demand immediate response:Complete the adjustment within 24 hours, and re launch the indicators within 3 days

Quick start, high efficiency and high quality:Set up 80 seats in 3 weeks and recruit 60 employees in 2 weeks

Back feeding business:The audit standard was reformulated, and the refinement was increased by 74.5%

Comprehensively undertake the customer service process of the enterprise, and professionally deal with customer service scenarios such as business consulting, complaint handling, order acceptance, marketing, after-sales service, telephone return visit, customer care, etc.

At present, Chengbo has 25+ seat resources in Guangdong, Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Shandong, Indonesia, India, Brazil and other regions of China, serving more than 200+ customers, covering 10+ industries such as Internet, automobile, mother and baby, aviation, FMCG, finance, manufacturing and so on, with a staff size of 10000.


Omni channel online services: Web page, wechat, QQ, microblog, app, SMS, etc

Multilingual voice services: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Russian and Indonesian

Precision marketing service: intelligent marketing system + high-level marketing talents

Efficient intelligent customer service: the labor cost is greatly reduced, and the service carrying capacity is multiplied

Undertake enterprise human resource management work or functions, and solve common problems such as difficult talent recruitment, high labor cost and high employment risk for enterprises.

Chengbo company has the technical capabilities of artificial intelligence customer service platform, big data analysis system, Omni channel customer service system and so on. It has mastered six recruitment channels, built five expert teams, provided 128 sets of gold medal courses, output one-stop customized solutions, and helped partners improve service quality, customer experience, profitability, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.


Rich reserves: 12million target candidate database, 100+ internship and employment cooperative enterprises, and 10000+ student talent reserves

High efficiency and quality: the recruitment speed is twice as fast as that of Party A, and the average passing rate of re examination is 70%

Cost reduction: labor, labor and recruitment costs decreased by as much as 42%, and marginal management costs decreased by as much as 30%

Improve efficiency: the work efficiency of the human resources department has increased by 50%

Undertake knowledge intensive business processes involving professional skills, help enterprises simplify internal processes, focus on core businesses, and achieve long-term sustainable performance improvement.

Through 23 years of industry accumulation, Chengbo has gathered world-class consulting elites, has rich experience in similar projects, and is deeply engaged in 10+ industries such as Internet, FMCG, energy and manufacturing.


High value management consulting:The value chain of the customer service center adds value and promotes the transformation and upgrading of functional positioning; Establish a stable quality system based on customer demand orientation; Implement process + standardized operation to greatly improve management efficiency.

Practical training service:128 sets of gold medal courses, multiple customer service operation and management practice bases, 3 days to establish an internal lecturer team, 3 days to cultivate professional customer service, and 15 days to create professional management talents.

Service content:

Chengbo focuses on the research and development of high-tech and intelligent interactive applications in the field of customer service. With many years of experience in the research and development and technical support of customer service center application systems, Chengbo has successively provided professional BPO software products and technical support services for customers in the industries of communication, finance, power, transportation, education, catering, etc.

With the industry-leading Omni channel and all media interactive integration technology, the company devotes itself to studying a series of software systems and solutions for high-quality operation and fine management of the customer service center.

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