Human resource outsourcing

Solve labor problems for century-old state-owned banks


Background of the project

With the rapid development of customer business, in order to meet the needs of the continuous expansion of the team, it is necessary to ensure the operational efficiency of the telephone business, ensure the safety of personnel services, meet the needs of personnel recruitment and team stability and control loss.


Service Content

Personnel service provision: Chengbo dispatches full-time resident personnel specialists to manage personnel files, assist customers in on-site operation management, and provide process arrangement services such as training, recruitment, and personnel;

Team stability maintenance measures: provide employee activity care plans, company leaders will come to offer condolences during holidays, provide spiritual and material care, and increase employee cohesion;

Recruiter supplement: According to the project needs, we regularly send customer service personnel for interviews, organize customer special sessions and job fairs, and implement the customer on-site re-examination mode.


Customer benefits

Full-time personnel specialists are stationed on site, with high communication efficiency, improved customer perception, and improved customer viscosity.

Salary is paid on time and accurately, and there is no risk in employment .

Quickly set up a team, the maximum scale of the project is 150 people.

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