Offshore customer service

Project introduction of offshore customer service outsourcing in large-scale catering industry: Offshore customer-service outsourcing in large-scale catering industry has a full set of qualifications to carry out offshore outsourcing business. In the past 13 years, the KPI of offshore outsourcing business has exceeded the standard.
Customer needs: A large catering brand needs to provide full-process customer service platform services for users in Hong Kong and Macau to increase overall sales while ensuring high service quality. 


High trust:

• Provided clients with offshore outsourcing services with more than 240 seats for 13 years.
High quality:
• Average monthly telephone processing volume exceeds 220,000 calls 
• Average monthly effective order volume exceeds 180,000 orders, and the effective order rate exceeds 80%
High returns:
• Monthly Earning more than 35 million Hong Kong dollars for each customer
• 130 customers call to praise on average every year

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