System construction and technical services

● Omni-channel multimedia customer service support system 
Omni-channel service integrates telephone, WeChat, Weibo, instant customer service, APP, email and SMS, etc., supports rich media interaction, and establishes a perfect and unified customer service interaction acceptance desktop and work order process, which is convenient for comprehensively grasping customers information and provide accurate services.
• Perfect integration of online customer service and call center functions
• Flexible deployment, the fastest 10 minutes to complete product launch
• Flexible expansion, the number of seats can be expanded according to customer needs
• Provide a professional management consulting team to provide comprehensive service solutions
• Provide professional Operational support team, promise to respond to customer needs within 30 minutes

●  Fieldwork(fieldwork support and management system)
is a mobile office system that provides customers with attendance management, geographic positioning, trajectory description and information collection and other functional services based on mobile Internet technology. Provide field staff with intelligent work management and task guidance, and provide managers with real-time management, monitoring and assistance support for field teams.
• Complete track playback, whole process monitoring
• High-precision location positioning
• Long-term energy saving, longer continuous working time
• Offline operation of all services, can continue to work without signal
• Version self-checking and updating, easier to upgrade

●  Internet teaching/training system
builds a mobile Internet self-learning and management platform for enterprises, realizes reasonable course design, scientific learning and training, orderly examination organization and strict process monitoring, in order to meet the needs of enterprises to improve staff quality and save training costs Based on this, provide the most convenient and easy learning conditions for employees.
• Fragmented learning methods, learning is so simple
• Rich and diverse interactive methods, students and teachers have zero-distance contact
• Flexible assignment of test questions, quick customization of test papers
• Cloud-based service architecture, supporting multiple enterprises and multiple users
• Real-time monitoring of teaching and learning quality , grow together, progress together

●  Network media drainage system(Internet customer drainage management system)
The system can manage media advertisement placement, drainage data collection and real-time connection of data to customer service system, CRM or business system. Realize the scientific management of customized management of media advertising, real-time lead data drainage and advertising benefit analysis, so that enterprise advertising can be accurately delivered and the input and output can be maximized!
• Maintain and collect data for each marketing channel and target drainage link to form a basic database
• Powerful data analysis function
• Can be connected with business systems to carry out precise marketing activities based on the obtained data

  Internal management  
●  Recruitment customer service(enterprise recruitment chain management system)
assists enterprises in integrating recruitment channels, sharing human resources, coordinating collaboration between recruitment teams, and providing real-time and efficient recruitment process management services. The system covers the whole process management and benefit analysis of the recruitment chain such as recruitment demand submission, channel cooperation management, interview process management and employee training and induction.
• Comprehensive, efficient and safe - talent pool
• Accurate, fast and economical - talent selection
• Open, flexible and worry-free - recruitment management

●  Fine Eyes(the support platform for refined operation and management of the customer service center)

Integrate call center project management and control modules such as project management, benefit analysis, office process and financial management to provide decision-making support for the enterprise's refined management, control and analysis, so as to achieve scientific project management and risk early warning, and achieve refined operation management. and decision support.

●  System and customized R&D services

Customer Service Center Shift Management System;
Intelligent Quality Inspection System; Customer
Service Knowledge Base System ;

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