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  • KA Sales Manager
  • 10th floor, ganghui building, No. 3 Beijing Road
  • Several people
  • 2022-06-21
  • I want to apply

Job responsibilities
1. Complete the overall sales target according to the indicators set by the company;
2. Assist in formulating the overall marketing strategy of the company, and be responsible for the planning, construction and operation of the company's sales platform;
3. Implement the company's marketing strategy plan, collect relevant information according to the situation of the target market, even adjust the marketing strategy;
4. Be responsible for exploring potential customers in the market, promoting cooperation with customers, and providing customers with high-quality service solutions;
5. Be responsible for the promotion and expansion of the company's products, develop and maintain long-term stable cooperative relations with customers;
6. Responsible for business communication and negotiation of related projects and products, track project progress and assist in writing project proposals.
Job requirements
1. College degree or above, unlimited majors;
2. At least 3 years of working experience in enterprise key account sales, including business opportunity mining, business negotiation, contract review, quotation making, customer situation maintenance, etc., familiar with Internet, automotive, aviation and other industry customers is preferred;
3. Be familiar with the implementation process of Internet products, including the whole process from user research, demand analysis, to product development and testing;
3. Have keen judgment and analysis ability to the market, and have a deep understanding and sensitivity to the service outsourcing industry;
5. Good image, good temperament, strong customer development ability, outstanding language expression ability;
6. Short term business trips are acceptable.

  • project manager
  • 174 siyouxin Road
  • Several people
  • 2022-06-21
  • I want to apply

Job responsibilities
1. Be responsible for the overall management of the project operation of well-known e-commerce platforms, including KPIs, personnel, business, etc;
2. Be responsible for communicating with customers, developing, maintaining and coordinating various business cooperation relationships, and ensuring the positive expansion and normal operation of the project;
3. Be responsible for project cost control, regularly track cost and profit status, and achieve project business objectives;
4. Be responsible for talent training and optimization and improvement of operation system;
5. Provide necessary pre-sales support in the process of developing new projects in corresponding industries.
Job requirements
1. More than 5 years of BPO experience, more than 3 years of team management experience in 50 people, management of teams with more than 100 people is preferred;
2. Be familiar with the style and requirements of customers' corresponding industries, and be familiar with the operation mode and process of BPO service outsourcing projects;
3. Have relevant experience in team preparation, KPI assessment, process optimization and improvement;
4. Have a good sense of quantitative management, be able to find and analyze problems from daily management, and make effective management measures in time;
5. Have a strong sense of cost control, strong leadership and decision-making ability, team building ability and strong pressure tolerance;
6. Be able to travel from place to place.

  • project manager
  • GAOTANG shijinfa Science Park
  • 1
  • 2022-06-21
  • I want to apply

Job responsibilities
1. As the leader and decision-maker of the project team, uniformly manage all affairs within the project team to ensure the operation and delivery of the project.
2. Communicate with customers, be responsible for developing, maintaining and coordinating various business cooperation relationships, and ensure the active expansion and normal operation of the project.
3. Project cost control, regularly track the cost and profit status, and achieve the project business objectives.
4. Optimize and improve talent training and operation system.
5. Provide necessary pre-sales support during the company's development of new projects in corresponding industries.
Job requirements
1. More than 4 years of working experience, more than 2 years of customer service project management experience (less than 100 team models).
2. Working experience in Internet companies, three major operators and customer service outsourcing companies is preferred.
3. Be able to face all kinds of pressure actively, and the commuting distance from his address to Tianhe workplace is within 45 minutes.
4. Clear thinking logic and good foundation for customer service outsourcing management (with written examination link).
5. Strong adaptability, with the ability to manage and coordinate the whole project.

Job responsibilities
1. Assist the Department Director to complete the market planning and customer development of large mothers and infants;
2. Be responsible for the customer development plan and objectives, implement the sales work, and complete the annual performance tasks of the Department;
3. According to market and channel data, feed back the product development department and assist relevant departments to develop and optimize products with more market competitiveness;
4. Effectively manage the cooperation channels from the aspects of price control, service ability, brand reputation, etc., support potential high-quality channels, and optimize the composition of channels
5. Actively participate in the negotiation of key customers, and strengthen process control and customer relationship.
Job requirements
1. College degree or above, familiar with the mother and baby market, at least 1 year experience in independently developing enterprise customers (tob end), and experience in developing b-end customers in cross-border e-commerce, health products, mother and baby products, cosmetics, imported food and other industries is preferred;
2. Knowledge of customer service outsourcing mode or e-commerce operation experience is preferred;
3. Be good at communication, have good negotiation ability, observation ability and adaptability, and have good ability to solve emergencies.
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility, professionalism, learning spirit and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • RPO business key account sales
  • 174 siyouxin Road
  • 1
  • 2022-06-21
  • I want to apply

Job responsibilities
1. Develop and manage high-value enterprise customers, and deeply tap customer recruitment needs;
2. Achieve the established sales goals, and be able to conduct business such as project negotiation and quotation independently;
3. Do a good job in the control and management of accounts receivable / collection;
4. Establish a good brand image of the company through external promotion of RPO business;
5. Timely feed back customer needs and market changes, and put forward new marketing ideas and suggestions.
Job requirements
1. More than 2 years of experience in key customer sales and business development in human resources industry, and having rich customer resources is preferred;
2. Have the sense of partner (Master), strong self driving force and pressure resistance;
3. Have a strong sense of customer service, good at thinking and dealing with problems from the perspective of customers;
4. Have a keen business sense, strong communication skills and negotiation skills.

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