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The service level of the customer service center of a large state-owned enterprise in Guangdong Province has jumped

Project Introduction:  

A large state-owned enterprise in Guangdong Province failed to effectively cope with the challenges of the sharp increase in customer service business volume and the transformation and upgrading of customer service requirements. The service level was declining, and the ranking of customer satisfaction dropped from the first place in the province to the top three.

client needs:Quickly and effectively improve customer service level (connection rate), and customer satisfaction rises to the top.

Solution: After the expert team's slicing analysis of call loss data, as well as sample surveys of customers, starting from system improvement and process optimization, the solution is to adjust the IVR system architecture settings, optimize customer service process nodes, and improve the practicality of IVR self-service. Program. The final service level (connection rate) jumped from 85% to 95%, and the customer satisfaction ranking returned to the first place in the province.

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